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Integrating Performance Psychology and eSports

High-level performance does not happen by chance. High-level performance comes with motivation,

commitment, and a deliberate effort to achieve success.

In order to improve efficiently and perform consistently one must not only train the mechanical skills associated with the game but also master mental skills proven to lead to success. Many high-level eSports teams have hired sport psychology experts however, my focus is directly related to performance in eSports and advancing those who want to succeed in a highly competitive performance domain.

Although most understand there is a substantial mental component to eSports, very few practice this side of competition, thus leaving a hole in their game and an opportunity for opponents to capitalize. Much like training tactical skills, one must learn to overcome obstacles, regulate emotion, set goals, visualize success, maintain motivation, and communicate effectively with their team and training staff.

In order to be the best, we must beat the best by gaining an edge on our opponents. Success is defined by

you, so are you ready to achieve?

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